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BRIDGE connects businesses to their true buying audience because we know actual, verified people and how to reach them. 


Dr. Tanya Jenn, 34


Lives in Houston, TX
Cat Owner

Holistic Health & Gardening


Custom First-Party Audiences For Your Business

BRIDGE uses verified email addresses to ensure your ads reach only actual, verified people for maximum ad spend efficiency. We’ll create and activate custom audiences for you and deliver your ads across your chosen endpoints. 

Your Trusted Partner in AI-Driven Programmatic Media

BRIDGE helps brands and agencies target their ideal audience through programmatic advertising campaigns across all platforms. Our approach ensures ads reach your audience on their preferred platforms, including social, display, mobile, video, CTV/OTT, email, and programmatic audio




Programmatic Audio

Response Data

POS Matchback

Foot Traffic Attribution


Reaching your next customer is as easy as 1-2-3

Build A Custom Audience

Female & Male

Ages 25 - 65

Lives in Houston

Interest in Gardening

Build Your Custom Audience of Actual People

Our app allows you to get the full-service offerings of a doctors office from the comfort of your home.

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Right Channel

Choose the channels you want to run your campaign on:

Use our advanced expertise to connect with actual people on the channels they are most likely to engage.

People Based Breakouts

Measure Success

Easily track success with our Visual Reporting Dashboard and match sales to your campaign for free. Simply import a CSV file from your CRM into our platform. 

Success Stories

Custom Audiences Drive Your Business Forward

Fitness Center Case Study
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Furniture Store Case Study
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